Course Topics

Business Psychology and Human Behaviour Consulting

Business Psychology is Operational in Four Key Areas

  • The Individual

  • The Team

  • Interpersonal Aspect

  • The Organisation as a Whole

The Psychology of Business is all about maximising the potential of the organisations primary asset “Its Peop

Achieved by recognising and understanding the impact behaviourial issues have on the financial bottom line of the organisation and creating a synergistic balance through education, information and teamwork.

Business Psychology is used when you want to increase (self)-understanding of individuals strengths and weaknesses. It allows the business to highlight the negative traits of individuals and provides a structure to confidently deal with difficult colleagues or employees work with talented people who are difficult more effectively and allows for more inward reflection on your own behaviourial flexibilities.

Giving your current (or new staff) the right tools to achieve their very highest potential, with the knowledge they have top level managerial backing will allow them to efficiently provide your customers with the best service ever.

By using the very latest techniques in Business Psychology Synergy provides you with the expertise and support the company needs to be able to achieve the results your customers expect.


“If all you have is a Hammer everything starts to look like a Nail”