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In House

Who we are:

Specialists in People Development, Organisational Performance and Managing Profit. With experts across all industry sectors.

What we do:

Scope, Design and Deliver cutting edge learning solutions that can be embedded and sustained. Engaging your key stakeholders.

Where we operate:

We work where you are: offices, factories, oil platforms, warehouses and retail in the UK, Europe and globally. Or, wherever you need us to be!


Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation:

  • We will conduct a health check to identify your training needs and determine together if our services synergise with your needs.
  • Rapid Bespoke Design
  • Need a quick turn-around?
  • Have a particularly tight budget?
  • Our Team of experts deliver high-end courseware for projects with the leanest parameters.
  • As a result, we’re able to help clients get the highest-quality learning and development solutions even when they have strict budgetary and timeline constraints.


  • In-House delivery can save up to 80% on the cost of your training
  • Eliminate the need for delegate travel
  • Save time
  • Have the course tailored to your exact needs
  • 98.7% of delegates who we trained in-house would recommend us
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve delegate interaction and team motivation


Synergy has on offer over 400 courses both published on the site currently and quite a few more besides to choose from for our 'In House' clients. 

Off the Shelf Course as advertised on the website 

Fully Bespoke Specifically tailored course for the subject required

Segments 90 minute courses for those short on time  - With over 100 of these courses on offer there is sure to be a skill set to choose from - see our short courses tab for more details on how this can work for you.

  We place you with a Consultant to discuss your needs –Either by Telephone, Face to Face, Video Conference or initially by Electronic interface

  • At this stage you are under no obligation
  • If agreement is reached and ‘Terms of Engagement’ have been agreed
  • We select a suitable team to outline the ways of moving forward
  • We submit a proposal detailing the cost structure, agreed working time lines, methods of working and “Best Practice”
  • You agree to “Go Ahead”
  • We start the project
  • Project Delivery Complete
  • Evaluation process starts
  • Feedback after the evaluation process, with recommendations for action in the future


For further information or advice, please email: