Course Topics

Principles of Marketing: Developing & Implementing a Plan

Introduction to Course Overview:

This highly interactive workshop will examine in detail the principles and skills required for top class performance in on and offline Marketing.

A combination of taught skills and experiential learning through case study and role play, this workshop will examine in detail proven and time honoured skills as well as sophisticated psychological mapping processes.

Whilst Inbound and Outbound (online and traditional) marketing are two different disciplines, they are also both sides of the same coin, and understanding of what it is that drives people towards a purchase and the skills to identify, understand and satisfy customer needs at a fundamental level.

Who should attend?
  • Anyone who wants to update and improve his or her current Marketing skills.
  • Anyone who wants to learn and master some exciting new techniques in persuasion, and using on and offline techniques to create and capture value and increase business.
  • Anyone who needs to create a Marketing Plan
  • Anyone who is responsible for the supervision, management or coaching of Marketing staff, or those on the ‘Fast-track’ to management.
  • Those who are new to the marketing function or moving across from other disciplines within the company, as well as people with some sales experience but who have had no formal marketing training.
  • Managers seeking an edge, especially in online marketing
Organisational impact:
  • Fail to plan = plan to fail.  Now more than ever, it is critically important that an organisation has brands that are relevant to an increasingly choosy and selective customer base.
  • This workshop will use proven methodologies to help delegates learn and master fundamental marketing techniques and marketing strategies and then apply them via proven on and offline campaigns
Personal impact:
  • Get new skills to uncover customer needs
  • Understand your product/service, where it fits and how to position it for maximum sales
  • Understand how to use the latest techniques to market online and compete with the big boys on an even footing
  • Improve your product/service perception in the market-place and, as a consequence, build your own personal brand reputation
  • Gain experience in a safe yet challenging environment
  • Close more deals and get the sale
Competencies Emphasized:
  • Increased knowledge of human psychology, and behaviour, as applied to commercial situations
  • Planning, strategy and execution skills
  • Increased influencing skills, how to uncover and maximise customer needs, even when they are not overtly expressed
  • How to talk the customer’s language, even when you have little else in common
  • Ability to uncover, and communicate your true worth to the customer and express your unique value proposition
  • Ability to use psychological tools and online tools to create compelling value propositions that get results
Course Content: Outline:

Day 1 – Marketing Plans ‘101’

  • Definitions
  • Marketing Strategy
  • How to create a Marketing Plan
  • The main components of successful Marketing Plans

Day 2 – Value Selling

  • The psychology of buying
  • AIDA the cycle from awareness to action
  • Communicating your true value
  • Developing and communicating a compelling value proposition

Day 3 – The Marketing (R)evolution

  • Positioning
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Transactional Marketing to Relationship Marketing
  • Maximising the Marketing Mix, campaign planning and execution
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing Tapping into online as a driver of growth
  • Become compelling – developing core value propositions that help you stand out
  • Blue Oceans not Red – how to make the competition irrelevant

Day 4 – Building a SuperBrand

  • Defining a Brand
  • ‘Owning’ a unique space, Brand Positioning
  • The emotional and human aspect of brands
  • The Brand workout – ensuring you are fit to succeed

Day 5 – Marketing Online

  • The advantages of Inbound Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • Getting found on Google
  • White Hat and Black Hat Marketing
Personal Development
  • Action planning - the essential next steps
  • Continuous professional development - what next?
By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Create a Marketing Plan using proven techniques for on and offline marketing
  • Assess the customer’s criteria for judging value received, through an analysis of their business and purchasing strategy, and in particular their value drivers
  • Develop true, customer focused value propositions
  • Measure the value received by the customer, and to measure that value in the customer’s own terms
  • Understand the Core Value proposition and the strategic importance of good positioning
  • Understand the importance of the brand, and its role in the business strategy
  • Define the essence of their brand – its personality and its value
  • Position their brand effectively
  • Build positive associations
  • Work with the relevant agencies in building their brand
  • Conduct a ‘brand health check’
  • Use the latest ‘Inbound’ Marketing techniques to drive customers to you online
Training Methodology

This is a workshop not a lecture.  There will be formal presentational inputs but interspersed within these will be case studies, examples from a variety of industries (in many cases consulting assignments from the workshop leaders’ own experience).  Delegates will have presented to them a variety of tools and approaches designed to make analyses and therefore action, easier.

The programme will be experiential, delegates will conduct role-play exercises and will be taught and encouraged to coach each other (teaching someone else is the very best way to learn something).  The programme recognises that people have different learning styles and will use a variety of methods, styles and approaches to ensure that learning is maximised and ultimately turned into action.

The Facilitator

Fred Mills has a long and successful career in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technologies and Healthcare Products, during which time he held a number of positions from Territory Sales Representative to Marketing Director and almost all points in between.  For the last 15 years, Fred has been working as a Trainer and Consultant, specialising in aspect of Customer Satisfaction such as Key and Global Account Management, Value Selling and Marketing Strategy.  After many years of success, first with Vision Consultancy and then with Insight Marketing and People Ltd, Fred launched his own company in 2007. Fred’s client list has been impressive over the last ten years or so and he has worked extensively in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Core business

In 1997 Fred Mills joined Vision Healthcare Consultancy and began a number of Global Consulting assignments, working globally with a number of large Blue-Chip organisations, for example Mars, Masterfoods, Astra Zeneca and Bayer. In 2003 Fred Joined Insight Marketing and People Ltd as a Senior Training Consultant where he developed a specialism for Key Account Management and Customer Service delivery to go with the Sales and Marketing interests he already held.

Academic achievements

Fred has an honours Degree with Joint Honours in Biochemistry and Microbiology from the University of Metropolitan Manchester in the UK.

In terms of Business qualifications, Fred holds both the Certificate and the Diploma of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (Cert CIM and Dip CIM) and also has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) gained in 1998 from the Lancashire Business School in the UK. In the MBA Fred gained a distinction in the module on International Marketing.

We can come to you !

Did you know Synergy can come to you and deliver this workshop ‘In Company’ at your own venue or location. If you have three or more people who you would like to benefit from attending this workshop our trainer can travel to you and deliver the same specification of course for your staff at a fraction of the overall cost.

If you’d like to know more about this option email us at   – our operations team manages all of our ‘In Company’ events and we can talk you though the logistics, pricing and whether you’d like the workshop as advertised here or something tailor made just for your business.

We have several packages on offer so contact us today.

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a personal commitment to keeping your professional knowledge up to date, improving your capabilities, proving commitment and competency in your profession. It focuses on what you learn and how you progress throughout your career, helping you gain more credibility within your industry, with your employer, clients and gain competitive edge over your peers.

Being actively committed to CPD may in the future:
  • Improve your Resume
  • Maintain professional recognition
  • Showcase your achievements, attributes and your brand
  • Accelerate your career prospects
  • Deliver job satisfaction: ensuring you are Career focused
  • Reassure your Employers and Stakeholders that you are upto date and competent
How do I gain CPD recognition

By attending Synergy Courses you can be assured that attendance, completion and certification will be rewarded by CPD points. To help advance your professional status CPD recognition is awarded on both public workshops and in-house courses, being dependent on the number of hours spent learning. On request Synergy Training Group will provide a certificate of attendance for you to use as evidence and to attach to your record card.

A number of our courses are accredited, endorsed or approved by a number of Learning & Development and Professional Bodies and Associations for more detail please contact us at 

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