Course Topics

Psychometrics and Personality Profiling

Business Psychology Tools:

Synergy’s complete range of Business Psychology Tools will enable individuals and organisations to gain an overall impression of a person’s unique personality and understand how that person can be placed to achieve the very best results in whatever they choose to do and however the business perceives they will achieve most

The art of Personality Profiling is taught in workshop format, and can be used for the individual or to accompany a resume, job applications or utilised in group formats to enable and empower the best behaviours of all people.

Take a look at our brochure which explains more about each test profile contact us on to discuss your companies requirements and let us guide you towards which Psychometric Testing profiles are right for your business.

Psychology & Personality Profiling for Today’s Business Environment:

One of the hardest skills to learn in business is how to read another person and know what they are really thinking, even if it contradicts what they are verbally saying.   

To be able to assess the personality and intent of another person is a critical skill that is imperative for any customer facing person in any organisation and for any manager looking to recruit the right person into the right role.

‘Personality Profile’ testing scenarios are knowledge management tools which can be used to provide an evaluation of an employee's personal attributes, values and life skills in an effort to maximise their job performance and contribution to the company.

Questions in a personality profile test are designed to seek out information about an employee's temperament, decision-making methods, communication style and general attitude towards work and recreation. Information gained by this type of profiling can be used to match the right employee with the right role and place them in the right team environment to help them shine and make the company successful.

As an advocate of personality profiling Synergy offers a wide variety of valuable Business Psychology Tools and evaluations, however we would never advocate ruling people out of potential positons in the company specifically based on a test result, it is recommended that the traditional face-to-face interview and communications process be valued just as highly and used in conjunction with these personality tests.

Employee Surveys and feedback tools to measure staff performance: (Pre and Post Selection)

  • 360 degree Appraisal systems

  • Ability and Aptitude Tests

  • Career Preference Inventories

  • Competency based Assessments

  • Emotional Intelligence Measures

  • Health and Safety Measures

  • Management Pressure Indicators

  • Values and Motives Inventories to discuss your companies requirements and let us guide you towards which Psychometric Testing profiles are right for your business.