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Training Needs Analysis - (TNA)

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the process of discovering the development needs the organisations people (The Troops).

The purpose of this is to be able to engage the staff as efficiently and effectively as possible in the organisations current state and also into its future state.

A TNA can mean a comprehensive analysis of all training and development needs across an entire organisation. Which means a TNA can have many positive effects for the organisation; teams and individuals, the training that follows as a result of the TNA should be relevant and meet their needs.

Today’s global marketplace requires its staff and employees to be skilled in a number and range of complex tasks. The balance between Attitude, Skills, Knowledge, Behaviours and the alignment of the organisations Core Values:

Training is a requirement not just for when employees are not performing as they are encouraged to or when their performance dips below an acceptable performance level, it should be an on-going continual performance development tool in alignment with the organisation’s core values and strategy to eventually means its goals and objectives in all disciplines financial, strategic, team and personnel and otherwise.

To discuss your training needs: