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At Synergy we love to hear your thoughts on how we did and how much you enjoyed your time with us, Let us know how your experience went by emailing us at and we'll add your comment's here.

I went to the NLP introduction with an open mind the facilitator Dr James was excellent and gave us a really good insight in to NLP which is a massive topic in a very short time.

This activity gave me real food for thought it was excellent value for money and it will really allow me to change my own behaviours but more importantly really improve the way I work with interact with and get the best from others.  There was also some really interesting stuff around career and life planning but what I liked about this was this was empowering and not heavy and prescriptive.  Well done.

Jon Prashar

Group Head of Diversity Marketing Places for People Group

Generic Titles:

Finance Non Financial Managers - A passionately presented workshop, full of insight and useful information

thought provoking day and challenging, makes you re-think your approach to Finance

Very Much recommend this course - Excellent

Everything Excellent

Knowledgeable and likeable great course

Building a high performing team: almost all the things i previously learn't regarding this are rubbish, now i know what to do!

Good trainer made everything easy to understand

Great content Trainer kept us interested throughout - Delivering Customer and Communications Excellence

Learnt a lot and now have a different approach to a customer - RF

"J.... was an excellent trainer, i am totally satisfied with the class" November 2014 - Cost Accounting for Project Managers

"A brilliant course, well delivered, the instructor was  great" August 2014 - Blue Ocean Strategy

The tutor was great "     Ian Frost     May 6 2014    

The trainer was fantastic and I feel that I can take what I learnt on the day into my role."     Harry Darby     May 9 2014    

"I felt the tutor adapted the course to take into account the delegates own requirements which was fantastic!"     Sarah Bullwinkel     May 21 2014    

"Time well spent and invested!"

"Developing the skills of the new QM A very well delivered course that that inspired me to research further. Good use of practical examples and sharing of experience by the tutor."

"Impressed, continued interest through the week: Knowledgeable, competent, interesting confident trainer."

Excellent knowledge of subject: A very valuable and interesting course, has changed my understanding of Corrective/Preventive Action(s).

"David was obviously knowledgeable about his subject and came across as authoritative. I enjoyed the course - which normally indicates that the course was worthwhile and informative."

"Very interactive, interesting and continuous exercises test what you've learnt. Excellent course, Tutor has excellent knowledge of subject. Exercises were very good and very effective."

"Good course, introducing a large number of ideas."

"Stimulating and challenging”, the trainer's personal knowledge and enthusiasm in the subject was infectious. This stimulated the group and was added value."'

"Ali, very professional and clear, motivating and has given inspiration to me. Excellent trainer who communicates high expectations - I think we all rose to that. The course was timely, challenging and worthwhile."

"Great course improved my knowledge and exceeded my expectations."

"Hard work as 100% concentration required but thoroughly enjoyed it and felt I learnt a lot in fact learnt more than I expected."

"Very dynamic and positive presentations” input backed up with real life experiences which served to make the course enjoyable as well as useful."

"Very informative and the discussions are a great benefit to the auditor group. “a very interesting day, thank you."

"Good reference notes. Excellent, highly competent and knowledgeable trainer, Thank you."

Finance Related:

"Very good for a good overview of Accounts to give you confidence in the Boardroom."
Postal Services Director, CFH

"Intensive and thought provoking."
Commercial Director, MDL

Development Director, Flair Leisure Products PLC

Very insightful. Shame it's only a one day course, clarified a lot of things."
Deputy Admin, Vetrans Aid

'Good précis of business accounts, lots of opportunity to ask questions.'
Manager of St Giles Care Agency, St Giles Care Agency

'Worthwhile event.'
Management Accountant, International Synergies Limited

'Brilliant course, very worthwhile.'
Contracts Manager, Gunite

'Overview to remove the mystique of the Director Role'
Commercial Director, Michelin Pioneering Consultancy Group

'Would highly recommend.'
Company Secretary, Healthy Buildings International

"Very informative, would recommend to colleagues, especially as I am new to a secretarial role. Really enjoyable - Thank you."
Academic Planning Administrator, Edge Hill University

"Very open and friendly, fun style."
Company Secretary, Sheffield Futures

"A good insight."
Service Director, Alexander Dennis

"Excellent & worthwhile."
Managing Director, Combined Services Disables Ski Team

"Thoroughly recommends this course, “Enjoyed it."
Manager, Salters Hill

"Very useful indeed - generated thinking of own organisation."
Manager, Salters Hill

"An excellent course, well delivered. It's got applicability to all parts of our work (Tailored course)."

"Excellent! Best trainer I've ever met in my life! I would never have anticipated enjoying it so much! This was one of the best courses I have participated in. It was well prepared and the instructor was well qualified to give the course."
Just a quick email to say many thanks once again for the great training session last Wednesday – I know we all enjoyed it and have taken a lot away with us to work on!! (Needless to say we have a meeting tomorrow with the CEO re company secretaries amongst other things!)

Manager, Ryelands

Many thanks for a very informative and interesting day

RL Healthy Buildings International Ltd

Soft Skills Related:

Accelerated NLP Introduction - “A phenomenal and dearly interesting trainer” BM, Rank Hovis

In House - Neuro Linguistics Seminar - New skills, New Techniques to Improve my development, I will definitely be taking the Practitioner Course - NA Bexley Council

Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification - “This course is the start of the rest of my life, a life changing experience”  - National Sales Manager: Cooper Avon Tyres.

“This is a life changing course, only to be done if you are serious about your personal development. Don’t use the companies money, use your own, there is no finer personal development programme”  Jim Johnston Managing Director of WOW Training

“You can either get busy living or get busy dying”  Andy du Fresne, Shawshank Redemption. – “I just got busy living” - Paul DeRaney, Director Redfern De Raney

Accelerated NLP Master Practitioner - Having completed the Master Practitioner I would like to say I am a Master of NLP, I have just had the realisation that it will be continual learning and that's great!! - Undisclosed 

I thought Practitioner was amazing (and it is), but Master Practitioner blows your mind. It WILL help all of your relationships, it WILL change your career and it WILL change your life. The skills you get from Practitioner are enhanced and improved beyond your imagination. My only regret: I didn’t do Master Practitioner sooner... - Paul

Advanced Presenting with Power - If you wish to be able to Present in Public and be confident and calm whatever the occasion you must do this course. Clinical Development GSK

“Unbelievable, I don’t know how he does what he does, truly remarkable” - Stuart Lowry - Head of Training & Development Reed Learning

I have just witnessed Excellence in Presenting - HG Bexley Council

Personal Success Programme: - My Goals have been achieved in weeks rather than the years, I wasted, and I know how to recreate this formula time and time again - CW - NTL

Quantum Reading - I don't now waste hours working and reading when I can spend that time doing what i choose to - Chairman NESP

Meta Programmes - Personality Profiling - I now feel able to understand people and their motivations, i wish i had been taught this much earlier in life - Undisclosed

New Year, New Life, New You If you are serious about having a Great Personal Relationship, this is for you!! GJP

Influencing & Persuading - Superb, wish it could have gone on longer - Undisclosed


I attended your stress seminar in London in October. I just wanted to say that I found the 2 days invaluable, more so than any course I have been on before.  I realised so much about myself and handling my own destiny.  I told you vaguely about running my partners business in my spare time.  I didn’t grasp at the time but after taking time to think I realised that I had turned his business around from certain bankruptcy to doubling turnover in just one year and it’s still increasing quickly!...that was in my spare time….what could I do with it fulltime?

After a lot of thought and planning for my future I resigned from my ‘proper’ job on Monday! I thought it would be hard giving up the security of monthly pay and a pension but lo and behold it was easy and exciting….I decided to go for it and I will be running the business from home (and be a proper mum, doing school runs etc.. which has given me a lot of guilt).

In fact he and his business Partner have asked me to become a Partner too which I hadn’t anticipated and I am going to make the business a Limited Partnership in April which means I will much better off too.  Looks like I have killed all my stress demons with one throw!

I hope you don’t mind me telling you all this but your seminar was the catalyst I needed at the time, thank you so much.

About the Founder:

James is a passionate educator and a talented consultant. I know him through his training consultancy work. He brings his wealth of life experience to the training room and consistently energises and challenges his delegates. Dr Tony Buon

Dr James Talbot and I worked together providing executive level training programs to multinational audiences. The attendees always enjoyed the depth and breadth of his training backed up by his extensive experience in the business world and very personable presentation style. Dr Patrick White

James is an excellent trainer, facilitator and consultant who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training room. James prepares thoroughly and works to create a dynamic learning environment that helps attendees fully understand the concepts they need to learn. Peter Gerlach Managing Director Gerlach Group

James is one of the most professional guys I have ever met. He has amazing passion and knowledge as well as insight into people’s behaviours which is phenomenal. He communicates his knowledge in a clear and fascinating fashion. I am honoured to work with him. Peter Nicholson

Dr. James is an outstanding facilitator and consultant in regards to Strategic Thinking, Planning or Implementation. We have worked with him on several significant projects. John Mairino United States of America